My story

I was born in Kerala (South India), in a fisherman`s village called Punnol. It was a different time, a different life. A daily struggle for food, for a safe home, for the basic needs of a child. I was not lucky enough to feel secure or safe, neither emotionally, nor financially. In these difficult days i always sensed my spiritual connection to something i can`t describe -I had a very intense experience which I now see as my first encounter of something bigger than the visible world. My  great grandmother, somebody who I would call an „oracle“ from a tantric tradition, formed my early understanding of spirituality in every day life. Still it was a long, rough journey till i one day returned to this path, which ultimately led me to my life of  healing and yoga.  
I left my home in my early teens, lived and worked in various major cities in India. Lack of prospects characterized my years in Mumbai and Delhi... I slept on streets and graveyards, sometimes I found random jobs in guesthouses and a sweets-shop, trusted wrong people, lost friends through drugs, lost perspectives and lived in despair. 
A major shift happened when a friend granted me access to a massage training. I instantly felt- this is it, this is my talent, even more than that. Full of hope i made my way to Goa, the main tourist hub of India. I started working in a hotel called Bhakti Kutir in Patnem, soon later in some of the best yoga hotels/retreat places in Sri Lanka. This time was more than just giving a massage,  I gave it all, my heart, my soul, my tears. I met wonderful people who opened a window to a world of support and trust. When Sri Lanka was hit by the Tsunami in 2004 i survived in a place where hundreds of people around me died. All I did was running. Once more running for my life. 
Soon after this tragedy I left Sri Laka and returned to India, and started again working  in Patnem, Goa - from this time on self employed.
It was back in those days when I began to practice yoga - first to keep myself healthy and energized. Soon i was hooked and during off season (monsoon time in Goa) I did a yoga training in the Sivananda tradition (in Uttarkashi/Himalaya), later on an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher training with Ajay Kumar in Mysore and some others. Still i was not teaching until Nina (back then she was my friend) encouraged me to do so. Finally I opened my first yoga place on Patnem beach in 2012. Nina tought there too from time to time and some of her Yogastudents came for treatment with me. We spent many meaningful  moments together and we shared a deep understanding for our lifeplans.  One year later we opened our first joint Yogashala on the beach. Friendship turned into love for each other.
Influenced by our very different backgrounds, we developed individual ways of teaching and focusing, which in combination allow versatile perspectives on body concepts, thought patterns and - ultimately - a new perspective on experiencing yogic practices. Teaching students in various countries of Europe and India, we are always try to share and convey the essence of yoga, which eliminates the mat-life tension and recognizes practice as a vehicle for a fulfilling and well-balanced life, and opens a space for healing. 

Our experience of ultimate love and connection began with the creation and birth of our son Nayan Siva. Along with his first breath he became our biggest teacher.

Jai Mata Kali

Jai Mata Durge
Kali Durge Namo Namah