Ashtanga Yoga 

The Ashtanga Vinyasa Tradtion is a practice origined in Mysore, India. It is a dynamic form of Hatha Yoga. In my classes in Burgenland I mainly teach the Primary Series or classes which are focusing on certain areas of the body, still influenced by the traditional sequence. Also I guide advanced students Mysore Style with hands-on-adjustment and individual support. 
All Ashtanga classes are perfect for beginners who like to be challenged and Students with Yoga experience. 

Hatha Yoga

My Hatha Yoga classes are mainly influenced by the Tradition of Sivananda, including Asana (Body exercises), Pranayamas (Breathing exercises), Meditation and guided Relaxation. Sometimes my Hatha classes have a certain focus (Hips, Spine, Legs, ect.) and include strenghtening exercises. 
All of our Hatha yoga classes in the class schedule are ideal for yoga-beginners. 

Yin Yoga

YIn Yoga is a passive form of yoga. We use props such as pillows, blankets and blocks to support the poses so we can stay longer and become still and aware of our internal world. It works deeply on our fascia, connective tissues, and ligaments. 

Yoga Therapy

If you suffer from injury, back pain, migraine, sleep disorders or other stress related issues contact me for private classes. Yoga can help to make you feel home in your body again and I will do my best to guide you. Please confirm with your doctor that you are allowed to do physical exercise.